Client Access Web Reports & Data View for Collections

Our Philosophy

Zeno Client Data was born from the desire to provide your clients with the best debt portfolio analysis tools, allowing your client’s access to their data and statistics. We rely on our strong relationships with our many client collection agencies to give feedback on how to constantly improve our reporting software to meet the needs of the entire collections industry.

The Result? Affordable, Professional, Secure, and User-Friendly Client Access Data & Reports.

Our client access software is highly customizable to meet with your business' unique needs. We provide near real time information for your clients' debt portfolio. Everything we do is to make collection agencies and businesses like yours more efficient in every aspect.

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Software Integration

We are capable of integrating with numerous collection agency software products as well as custom databases. Our list is always expanding so if you don’t see your specific platform, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you!


Working With Zeno Client Data

Superior Customer Service

When you work with Zeno Client Data, you're given your own representative that knows the detailed information about your account. There's no going through multiple people to find someone who finally answers your question - you have one point of entry that will take care of all your needs.


Every aspect of our client access website is designed to be as fast as possible - regardless of how many accounts, clients, or account details your collection portfolio includes. From exporting your data from your system, importing your data to ours, and your clients viewing your data - we are constantly working to ensure our site is lightning fast.


Every aspect of Zeno Client Data is fully optimized for data handling - weather you are a large collection agency with thousands of accounts or a small startup with only a handful. We're able to process your database with record speed to ensure that you're always up to date.

Real Time Information

Don't work on yesterday's information! Allow your clients to see near real time account information from payments made to accounts listed. Choose what update times fit your business' schedule the best!

Complete Flexibility

Here at Zeno Client Data, we're not afraid of customization. We allow you to have complete flexibility - weather this means custom skinning, tailored reports, or unique account placement templates, we work to fulfill every aspect of your business' needs.

Lower Cost

You'll find that we have a lower cost than most of the leading client access websites. Our prices scale with how much data you have so you're never charged for what you're not directly using!

Client Web Reports Features

Client Access Web Reporting

Customizable Reports

Our on demand reports allow your clients the ability to view invaluable data how they want it and when they want it.

Client Access Web Reporting

Comprehensive Account Details

Allow clients to view, change, and add detailed information for any of their accounts.

Collections New Account Placement

Intuitive New Account Placement

Give your clients the ability to place single or multiple new accounts using our easy placement templates.

Secure Mail Client

Secure Encrypted Client Messaging

Streamline your client interaction by receiving client requests, account placements and notifications all on our secure, encrypted messaging system.

Seamless Professional Design Integration with YOUR Website

We'll seamlessly integrate our software with your current website's design to provide a fluid, natural, and professional user experience. With other reporting software, your client reports look like an afterthought. Instilling trust and security with your clients is a must. By having a reporting solution that's visually incorporated with your marketing and information website, you give your clients the confidence and trust they need in an agency.

Design Integration & Customization

We include YOUR website’s branding and color palette with custom headers, footers, links, buttons and graphs.