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Interactive Client Access Web Reporting, Secure Data Viewing, and Intuitive Account Placement

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Client Access Web Reporting

Give your clients the freedom to access their accounts from any where at any time

Zeno Client Data allows clients to view their account statuses, notes and payments, generate sortable and easy-to-read reports with interactive graphs, and place new accounts in a streamlined process.

Zeno Client Data Features

Easy-To-Use Overview of All Accounts

Use the sortable data columns, client selector, and the filter and grouping options to see exactly the data you want when you want it.

Detailed Look At Account Information

View complete account demographics, attach proofs, see payments that have been made, and access account notes and status all in one comprehensive location.

Integrated Templates for New Account Placement

Allow clients to place accounts with customized account templates. Set your own required fields and personalize your field names to better suit your business.

Streamline Client Interaction with Secure Messaging

Streamline your client interaction by receiving client requests, account placements, and notifications all on our secure, encrypted messaging system.

Zeno Client Data has really been a wonderful asset for our clients. The reports are intuitive to understand and it meshes with the website they designed for us beautifully.

Jenn. H

Seattle Collection Agency

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